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SKYNET Update: Robot Dogs Are Very Real, Very Terrifying, And Now Able To Open Doors

So lets call a spade a spade here and officially update any Fuck SKYNET jokes to very real Fuck Boston Dynamics jokes. We have laughed about robots taking over the world for a while now, but all Boston Dynamics does is make these jokes closer and closer to a reality. This time they took the terrifying shape of the Demodogs from Stranger Things Season 2, added the door opening teamwork of the raptors from Jurassic Park, and even gave them more common human decency than Larry David has to hold the door for one of their own.

When I saw that robodog flip it and reverse it to open the door for his amigo, I gasped a breath of terror. Black Mirror is better when it’s pure fiction instead of an actual glimpse of the future and dogs are a lot more fun when they are furry animals that are man’s best friend instead of robotic killers built to destroy man. Fuck everything about those mechanic pooches and the ship of imported electronics they rode in on from Japan. And fuck Boston Dynamics too. Traitors to all of mankind.