Bad News - The United States Olympic Curling Team Murdered All Business Pete

Oh no! Pete! NOOOOO!

I’m aware the classifications of clean/not clean shots are usually left to Smitty, but I’m gonna take the reigns for a second and deem this a DIRTY shot. Pete wasn’t even involved here. Donnie just took a little jab at his epic curling choke for the sake of a funny tweet (clean shot), and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S OLYMPIC CURLING TEAM hit their biggest supporter in the back with a steel chair. Came right outta left field with no regard for the fact that Pete has a family. Not cool. I went over to his desk to grab a quick quote in response (that’s what reporters do) and he was so flustered that he just responded with “I’m just happy to have them on the team.” Huh dude? Did you even see their tweet?

“I don’t know that they’re on the team, I’m just happy that we’re out there…that we’re mixing it up.”


Bro, I have no idea what that means. Those sound like the words of a man who’s world is currently burning down around him. Fluster city, population Pete. You hate to see it.

Hopefully All Biz is able to overcome this, and in his time of need, please do NOT respond to any of his tweets with the gif of him forgetting to let go of the stone in a life and death curling scenario (available for download below). Just forget that it ever happened.