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We're Only A Couple Of Days Away From Team USA Getting Their Olympic Hockey Tournament Started. Time For Some Herb Brooks

I’m gonna be totally honest with you guys here. I haven’t been able to keep up with the US Olympic Hockey Team as much as I would have liked to over these last few weeks. Lot of different things going on here and it’s been a busy couple of weeks. But you want to know what that changes for USA hockey coverage here on Barstool Sports [dot] com?

Abso. Lutely. Nothing.

Team USA opens up their Olympics on Wednesday morning (7:10am EST) against Slovenia which means that the LIVE BLOG will be up by 6:45. In the meantime, here’s a little preview blog about the boys I wrote when the roster was first announced.

I know that Olympic hockey is taking a hit without NHL players competing. But what we’re going to get in return is a lot of hungry hockey. Everybody on the ice during these Olympic games has something to prove. Especially Team USA. There are a few older guys on the roster who are giving it one last go these games. There are some younger guys on the roster who are still up and comers. But the majority of this Team USA roster could be considered misfits. They could be considered guys who have been passed over and forgotten about. These are the guys who have the most on the line during these games and these are the guys who are going to be making a name for themselves.

Obviously Canada and Olympic Athletes From Russia are the favorites heading into the tournament. Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic all have better odds of winning gold than Team USA as well. But as long as there are a group of guys wearing Red, White and Blue with the letters “USA” across their chest, I’m taking those guys 10 times out of 10. Even if their sweaters for these games are atrocious in comparison to every other USA jersey ever. It’s time to go America all over the world’s ass and bring back the gold.


Like I said. Live Blog will be up on Wednesday morning before the game. After that, Team USA plays Slovakia on Friday at 10:10 and then they have Olympic Athletes from Russia on Saturday morning at 7:10. The Slovenia and Russia games will be on NBCSN. The Slovakia game will be on CNBC.

USA hockey is do or die. And you can never kill Freedom.