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Charles Barkley Drops Pure College Hoops Knowledge And A Geography Lesson On The World At The Same Damn Time. "Iowa, Purdue, They're In The Same State. Idaho and Indiana. Montana and Iowa" #FactsOnly

Chuck isn’t wrong.  Indiana, Iowa, Idaho, Montana.  Those are all literally the exact same place.   I was absolutely horrible at geography in school and always get brutal scores on those online quizzes where you have to slide the names onto the correct states, but this one I am 100% sure of.  Add Nebraska to the mix too.  If you’re a school from any of those states and your name isn’t the literal name of the state you can take no issue with being called any of the others.  Chuck continues TV domination #factsonly.


Corn Boy is out of the office today so I can post this without worrying about getting sucker slapped by stinky fish.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.23.05 PM

H/t @RedditCBB