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The Colts Hire Frank Reich and it Has to Be Awkward AF

I don’t have a bad word to say about Frank Reich. He and Doug Pederson called a brilliant game against the Patriots. As Peter King says today, Wristband 145 a/k/a Gun trey left, open buster star motion 383 X follow Y slant won them a Super Bowl. The touchdown pass to Big Dick Nick took the balls of a brass monkey to first to design and then to call on 4th & goal. He deserves the head coaching shot he’s getting. And besides, if Pat McAfee likes the guy, who is anyone not to be glad for him.

That said, this has to be awkward. There is just no way for it not to be. I mean, the Colts are handling it right, making a gag out of it. Look! Here’s Frank Reich signing his contract! Heyyyooo! Here’s Frank Reich holding the newspaper to show it’s really real! Wakka wakka! Plus posting Tony Dungy’s endorsement of the hire and digging up old quotes from Peyton Manning about him. That’s exactly what I would do were I in their shoes. They really have no other choice so I get it. But none of that can hide the reality that he only got the job because Josh McDaniels left them high and dry.

One of my best friends started seeing this chick while she was engaged to some other guy. She broke it off with her fiance, then married my boy less than a year later. And while we were sitting in the church, our other buddies and I were saying “So how does this work? 11 months ago she was picturing herself on the porch swing holding hands with that other guy when they’re 99 years old. And now she’s picturing the same thing, only with our friend? Would you feel good about that?” Needless to say, they didn’t last. While that’s not directly analogous, the point is it’s hard to feel 100 percent committed when you and your partner both know one of you is the sloppy seconds. I mean, how to you look that pill-popping crackpot Jim Irsay in the eye, hear him say nice, supportive, nurturing things to you and not wonder if he said the same things to McDaniels?

Again, that’s no knock on Reich. It sounds like he’s a good coach people respect and he’s getting his shot, thanks to McDaniels saying thanks but no thanks to  Irsay. But if I were him, I’d keep my resume updated.