North Korea's Cheerleaders Are The Cheeriest People Ever From A Totalitarian Regime

Last night when I saw this clip, all I could think about was the viral ADPI video from a few years back.

Boom boom I wanna go A D Pi. Boom boom.
and baby that ain’t no lie. Boom boom.
I wanna go A D Pi. Don’t you? Boom boom.
I wanna wear white and blue. Boom boom.
and wear that diamond too. Boom boom.
I wanna go A D Pi Don’t you? Boom boom.

But now that I’ve had a couple hours to think about it, I feel sorry for these North Korea cheerleaders. Throughout their entire lives, North Koreans are told that they are the best in the world at everything. They are told that their Dear Leader plays golf and shoots rounds in the 30s. They are told that they are the most advanced and powerful nation on the planet. The cheerleaders must be amped to go see their domination on the world stage. It’d be like going to watch the Bulls in the 90s when they won 72. You expect the win. Hell, it’d be like watching the 92 Dream Team.

You have all that build up. You know all of your cheers and then boom.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.11.34 AM

Yikes. Not good. Actually bad but adorable!