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London Airport Closes Because A World War II Bomb Was Found In River Thames

NY PostAll flights to and from London’s City Airport were cancelled on Monday after an unexploded World War Two bomb was found in the River Thames at George V Dock, the airport said.

Police said the ordnance was found during work at the airport on Sunday and they set up a 200-meter exclusion zone.

The Metropolitan Police said properties within the exclusion zone had been evacuated and a number of roads were cordoned off.

Nobody likes airport delays for any reason but World War II bomb? Wait what? Did somebody say “World War II bomb”? Tell me anything but that. Lie to me. Tell me we’ve got a maintenance issue or some batshit lady in aisle 4 or we’re defrosting the wings and it’s taking 10 hours, but World War II bomb? Gimme a break. That’s insulting. That one really hurts. I think this one warrants you just tossing your arms in the air, looking to the big guy upstairs and saying, “Hey buddy, what the fuck did I ever do to you?”

Now, it may seem a bit crazy to have large-scale shutdowns in 2018 because of unexploded bombs from the 1940s but it actually isn’t. Fun fact – there are still today MILLIONS of unexploded bombs/shells from both World Wars buried all across Europe. They’re more common along the western front than in London’s River Thames, but incidents still arise quite frequently all across Europe. People still die from shells fired 100 years ago and will continue to do so. In the town of Ypres, Belgium, around 360 people have died from shells exploding since the end of WWI. Just as recent as March 2014, two construction workers were killed when one went off.

So yes it’s a bummer to have your 2018 flight delayed because of a 1940s WWII bomb but at least you weren’t blown up by one.

PS — Did somebody say London?