Well, That Was Incredible


I know there was a game today, but we’ll talk about that in the morning. Now that it’s over all I can say was that ceremony was everything I could have imagined. As I type this I still have tears just like I knew I would. It’s hard for people who don’t root for the Celtics to understand how much he meant to the city, to the franchise and to the fans.

It was one thing to get emotional with the tributes and hearing everybody give their speeches, but when we got right here

it was 2008 emotions all over again. I’ve only seen this happen twice in my life. That amazing ring ceremony day and then again today. In 30 years on this planet, that’s it. So yeah, that’s why it means so much to me and Celtics fans my age.

This could have gone on all night for all I care, and it’s hard to pick a favorite moment. All the previous drama, the potential Pierce trades, all of that never once entered my mind. I said it yesterday and I mean it, Paul Pierce is the greatest Celtic of my lifetime to date, and now that he will forever live with Celtics greats for the rest of time I’ll always be able to look up and remember this feeling. That gives me chills.

Thank you Paul Pierce for being my Larry Bird.


If you don’t think Ainge is going to end up with Prince Pierce you aren’t paying attention