JuJu Smith-Schuster's Mom Does Not Give A Fuck That Her Son Is A Young Star, He Still Has To Do Chores Like Everyone Else

I honestly don’t know how the Steelers keep finding stud wide receivers seemingly every year. Maybe it’s because some teams are scared to draft receivers with names that are a little different. Hines, Plaxico, Santonio, Antwaan, Emmanuel, Martavis, and now JuJu. All Steelers draft picks and all good-to-great players. Oh yeah and guys with common names like Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown aren’t too shabby either. The bottom line is the Steelers keep hitting on the receiver position in the draft.

Yet it may be the moms that keep them as #humble as Marlins Man. Mama Smith, Schuster, or Smith-Schuster could not care less that her son put up 8 TDs, highlight reel plays, and the best dances in the NATIONAL. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE as a rookie. JuJu’s ass ain’t shit when he is under her roof. He still has to sweep broom all that dirt and trash like he went straight from USC to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Manager Trainee program. JuJu may have the God-given talent to make it to The League, but it’s the humbleness instilled by his mom one Mr. Miyagi chore at a time that will turn him into an All-Pro on the field as well as off of it.

However, it’s kinda crazy to me that the players with million dollar contracts still have to do chores while their fans don’t have to just because those players lost a playoff game.