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Matt Duchene Makes Kid's Life By Simple Thumbs Up

It’s crazy that sometimes we forget that the affect professional athletes have on kids. Thursday night, as Matt Duchene sat on the bench pregame before a Preds-Senators game, a young Senators fan held a sign reading “I want to be just like you Duchene”. Duchene noticed, gave the little guy a thumbs up and the kid buried himself into his moms arms because he was so excited.

Now, Matt Duchene’s time in Ottawa hasn’t been a box of chocolates. The Senators stink and Duchene really hasn’t been able to help the team get back on track. But what do kids know. Look at Frankie Borelli, Rick DiPietro was terrible yet Frankie always still had his sign out there game in and game out supporting him. Duchene’s been great of late though with 6 points in his last 5 games.

But it’s crazy how much a simple thumb up will affect this kids life. First off, he’s going to be the coolest kid at school today since he was part of a viral video (shoutout to spittin chiclets). And second, this kid is going to be Matt Duchene’s biggest fan for the rest of his life. When I was a kid I got a baseball signed by Mark Bellhorn and while all other Sox fans seem to hate him, he was one of my favorite players just cause he gave me 30 seconds of his time before a game and signed my baseball.

The Senators and Duchene’s season may not have the Oilers fans too pleased. But at least there’s one Senators fan whose year is made.