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Update From Last Night: His Name Is Dick Tipps


Lat night I introduced you to Dick Tits. Well, to the fella who I thought was Dick Tits. Since then, I have learned that his name is actually Dick Tipps. Incredible name. Hall of Fame name. In learning his actual name, I have found out that he’s concerned with gravesites and, as a result, gravestones. I’m not sure what aspect of the gravestones make him nervous but I’m willing to bet it’s that he wants to get a fire gravestone for himself, and the rest of the haters at the cemetery are being little bitches about it. Fuckin cunts. Sorry. Sorry. I’m sorry for saying cunt. I just got fired up. Forgive me.

Dick Tipps wants to have a gravestone that represents him. Is that so bad, you fuckin cunts?

Yikes. Did it again.

“Please chill. Like what, Chaps? What could represent him better?”

Oh. I dunno. This bad boy.


Or this monster


When the whole squad gets buried beside each other >>>>


If they won’t let him be buried by his pals, it’s not just longtime Stoolie Dick Tipps who will have concerns about gravestones, it will be all of us. We will get through this. That’s a promise. Love you, Dick. You know that.