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98 Year Old Man Has A Wonderful, Delightful Reaction To Finding Out Just How Old He Really Is

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you had a good week. I know mine wasn’t too bad (knock on wood). And now we’ve made it to the end of the week. You know what I did starting on Monday? I started going to the gym. That’s right. The worst place on Earth, I started voluntarily going. And it’s all because Trent sits next to me and is walking into work all skinny and healthy looking every single day. He went to the gym every day during January and started not eating like food was going out of style and ended up losing 22 pounds. Made me feel like a real piece of shit whenever I’d look over and he’d be there eating fruit and veggies all the time, carrying a gym bag, the whole 9 yards. Meanwhile I have done zero exercise for the last 2 years. My routine for 2 years has been wake up, blog, go home, get into bed and watch TV, sleep, then wake up again. Nothing changed. So now I go to the gym and let me tell you, despite being sore, I don’t feel like a pile of damp leaves all the time. I feel like I’m doing something good for myself by getting healthy.

So what’s all that have to do with this 98 year old man finding out how old he is? Not a ton. It’s just a fun video to share to kick off the day and I’m glad that old guy and his son were able to share such a special moment. I considered writing about how I have no desire to live to be 98 and how awful that sounds, but I didn’t want to get into that whole rigmarole, I haven’t even had my coffee yet! I’m not here to ruin this video for you before 11am. If I was in a bad mood, I might have said some reprehensible things. But not right now. Feeling too good from last night’s gym sesh. Even mixed in some weights after the cardio.

(But seriously, who the fuck wants to live to 98? Sounds awful.)

Ok sorry, I had to say that. But I deleted the part about how all you do is shit all over yourself and how all you do all day, every day is just sit around either waiting for a family member to come visit you or to die. But I deleted it, so you’re welcome for keeping the blog upbeat and positive.