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Would You Eat Shit To Ensure That Your Team Would Win The Super Bowl? Liz Gonzales Would


Lots of factors here to consider:

1. Who is your team? If your team has won the game in last 20 years and you are 35 or younger, the answer has gotta be no. If you’ve never seen your team win the Super Bowl, you might think about it.

2. Whose poop is it? That matters. I mean, if it’s a vegan or something that’s not all that bad. They eat like adorable little rabbits anyway. You can pick up rabbit poop with your bare hands and your hands will barely stink when you’re done. Pretty incredible. I think it’s because of the carrots and lettuce. Lettuce is essentially water. Watch out if your vegan loves beans tho. Bean poops are no good, but you gotta get your protein from somewhere. That’s a fact. Protein, lest we forget, is the muscle builder. Lean gainz.

3. Is it on video? If it’s on video, you need to try to work a deal where you get at least two Super Bowls out of it. If you cant, you might need more rabbits. One for pooping. One for petting. One of the rabbits could be like a service animal. I’d rather have a service pig though. The reason is simple. You can train a pig to use a litter box. Check this out.

Way to go, Harley! Now clean up all that shit outside of your litter box before Liz comes and eats it.