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Best Of Everything from the Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade

First make sure to watch coverage from Rone & Caleb in Philly IMMEDIATELY after the game ended

If you missed our ball to jaw coverage of the Philly Parade don’t worry cause it’s all right here! It was madness for sure but mainly just a lot of love and appreciation for those beautiful Birds. Maybe Philly isn’t pure trash after all huh? Or maybe just for this day

Eagles fans were packing heat, ashes and raw emotion at the crack of dawn

And ready to receive some BDN heat too

The signs, posters and tattoos were out in full force

Eagles players were fully swagged out. Especially Jason Kelce and our boy Chris Long

Donnie “Bag of Bones” Jones was ready to #FreeMeek himself

NFL Network should put themselves in jail for this

You want that Philly Parade wit citation or wit out?

With Ginger Jesus injured there’s only one man who could save this city

Tree branches had a stronger pass rush than the Pats did

Beers were thrown, beers were caught, and beers were CHUGGED

The entire city sang “Fly Eagles Fly” in front of the Rocky steps

Jason Kelce had some help getting up to the stage

And he gave the most ELECTRIC Super Bowl speech in years. Hi H8ers! (aka the Media)

It was a wildly beautiful day. Even for these fans?

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.03.19 AM

Congrats to all the Philly clickers out there. It’s been a honor. Also, BUY A GODDAMN SHIRT!