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You Should Be Locked Up If You Buy This Pimple-Popping Toy

The Sun- ANYONE who has seen those gross viral videos knows that people are fascinated by popping pimples. So one couple in the US, Billy and Summer Pierce, decided to take advantage of this modern obsession and create the Pop it Pal — a silicone slab with 15 “pimples” that you can squeeze realistic “pus” out of. The gross-out toy – which comes in lifelike pink or brown skin tones – has proven to be something of an overnight success. Its Facebook page has more than 5,700 fans and people are calling for them to make a blackhead version.

 Live look at me looking at everyone else my age who enjoys all things pimple popping

I DON’T GET IT! I SIMPLY DON’T GET IT! What the hell is going on around here?! My generation LOVES pimple popping. They love all things pimple popping. It’s unbelievable. They love pimple popping videos. They love pimple popping TV shows. And now they’ll 100% love this pimple popping toy. Those toys are gonna sell out in a millisecond. Those people need to be locked up. They’re fucked in the head. Something isn’t right with them. They need to seek counseling.

I honestly feel like I’m missing something. I have a lot of friends who are into pimple popping. There was one night where my friends passed around a phone watching videos from an Instagram account that solely posts videos of pimple popping. They were reacting like they were watching dunk videos. But instead of dunks they were watching pus blast out from underneath a person’s skin via force. GROSS. I feel like I’m the old man yelling at the younger generations for their shenanigans but it’s my generation who I’m yelling at. These are my peers and they’re fucking sickos.I hope that pimple popping thing is a joke and it’s true purpose is to bait the sickos in and then sending them to prison/a mental institution.