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Knicks Acquire Emmanuel Mudiay In 3-Team Deal, Trade Doug McDermott To Dallas

Uhhhhh, okay I guess? If memory serves me right, Knicks fans wanted Emmanuel Mudiay over that 7’3″ Latvian guy we drafted back in the 2015 draft. So Mudiay is now here ALONG with that 7’3″ guy (we won’t be seeing much of him over the next year or so). Maybe the Knicks can place a call to the Nets and go all-in on that draft by bringing in Jahlil Okafor and the ass that had Phil Jackson looking like the heart eyes emoji guy.

I honestly don’t have much to say about this trade other than I hope Frankie Tentacles doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. At this point, all Scott Perry should be doing on the Trade Machine is chasing youth and those red L numbers. It’s #TankSZN at Madison Square Garden for the foreseeable future and any step in a direction other than that is an act of war against the Knicks future. I guess I’m interested to see how Mudiay plays under Hornacek too. When you watch every YouTube video of a guy you can find before a draft, you tend to feel a kinship with him. Between Mudiay, Frankie, and Trey Burke, that’s 3 players that were drafted in the Top 10. The team is theirs to run, especially if the Knicks go fire sale mode and also somehow tell Jarrett Jack to beat it after I publish this.

And while I am obviously going to miss Dougie McBuckets, who somehow became Dougie McDunkit this season, we have to look at the bright side. Would you rather have Dougie suffer through being on a team owned by James Dolan that is losing games night after night to try to catch up in the Tankathon? Of course not. Yeah Dallas sucks too. But they are currently leading the Tank Race and hanging out with Mark Cuban has to be a million times more fun than even being in the same room as James Dolan. Cuban probably has so many billionaire futuristic gadgets that he lets the Mavs try out. I’ll fight til the death for Big Dick Petey Chernin any day, but there is still a part of me that is sad Cuban turned down buying a piece of Barstool way back when.