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Is Aaron Rodgers Going to Get a Billion Dollar Contract?

Aaron Rodgers currently has two years left on his $110 million deal with Green Bay, with only a team option available to get out of the deal. It’s hard to believe, but Rodgers only made $12 million last season. TWELVE. Next year he’s set to finally get an uptick in pay, awarding him $19.8 mill in 2018 and then $20 mill in 2019. Some of the recent contracts that inferior quarterbacks around the league have signed are flat out prepostorous. Alex Smith just got $94 million, Matt Stafford $135 million, DEREK CARR $125 million. God knows what Kirk Cousins is gonna get. I mean what is going on here?

With two years left on his deal the best quarterback in the league is obviously set for the biggest contract in NFL history, meanwhile Jimmy Garappolo, who has started SEVEN career games in the NFL, just got $137 million dollars!!! Aaron just turned 34 years old and is a season removed from a league high 40 touchdown season and only seven interceptions. He’s leaps and bounds the best NFL quarterback in the league and will likely be playing at a high level into his 40’s like Brady. I know TB12 is great and all, but Belichick makes the whole ship steer forward every season. Rodgers has to deal with McCarthy and the incompetent coaches surrounding the team. Every year their defense is abysmal, led by the now fired Dom Capers, causing Rodgers to win in shootouts all the time in the playoffs. That’s not a winning formula and is a big part of the reason Rodgers has only been to one Super Bowl. You saw what happened this year when you remove 12 from the Pack. Green Bay turned into one of the worst teams in the NFL. They had to scratch and claw just to beat Cleveland. You put Aaron Rodgers on that team and they win 12 games no problem.

So what is Aaron Rodgers worth? I think there’s a very realistic chance Rodgers becomes not only the NFL’s first $200 million dollar man, but also gets the first fully guaranteed big deal in history. At this point what more can Green Bay offer? They can’t give him $500 million dollars even though based off these recent deals he’s probably worth it. You just have to fully guarantee the deal, or come close, and pray to God he doesn’t keep breaking his collar bone.