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LeBron James Just Recreated The Baptism Scene From The Godfather During The NBA Trade Deadline

You can either watch this scene or listen to it as you read the tweets. Both will provide an optimal blog viewing experience.


Holy shit, after all this time, it turns out LeBron James actually WAS reading The Godfather. Granted, he may have only read it once and just finally got to the baptism scene. But there is no way to describe the complete evisceration of the Cavs roster in one fell swoop other than saying it was right out of Michael Corleone’s playbook. Isaiah Thomas was one thing because he was barking up everyone’s tree after every game. Now if he talks shit about Lonzo in LA, LaVar will rain fire and fury on IT’s 4 foot ass.. And you know LeBron was looking to have Derrick Rose take a couple more weeks off to ensure he still likes basketball by shipping him to Utah.

But once guys like Shump and Wade were getting moved, you knew that nobody was safe. We should’ve known nobody was safe days ago.


Shit nobody is still safe! The deadline isn’t even here yet. JR Smith and Tristan Thompson have to be grinding on the Trade Machine to see what possible fates could await them. Is it the Moe Green bullet to the eye (the Knicks) or the Tattaglia tommy gun to the bed (the Magic)?

Meanwhile, there is one longtime LeBron accomplice that still had to be dealt with. Don Comic Sans himself.

And LeBron can STILL end up moving out West if that is the plan once this is all over.

God I love the NBA trade deadline. I wish I could just plug my brain into Twitter because I don’t know how much I missed writing this goddamn blog. More coverage to come as these trades continue to pump in.

Just for the record, no matter what Kevin Francis Clancy says, The Godfather is a fucking masterpiece of a movie and only deserves praise while being mentioned in the same breath of other classics like The Godfather 2 and Die Hard.

P.S. I had to go back and add this tweet to the blog because it literally made me honk like a goose in laughter.