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Michael Kay Rips Joe Girardi For Becoming Part Of The Media Because Girardi Handled The Media "Poorly" When He Was a Manager

For some reason this didn’t sit well with me. I’m personally not the biggest Michael Kay guy. I think he’s a so-so baseball announcer and unlistenable during his radio show. You’ll never find me listening to Kay and LaGreca. NEVER. So last night, Joe Girardi made his MLB Network Debut with Greg Amsinger and the boys. Good for Joe. He’s taking a year off from managing so he can be closer to his family and relax while still being attached to the game in some way. When Joe was on TV after his Marlins gig, I thought he was pretty good on camera.

Now here comes Michael Kay on his high horse ripping Joe for becoming one with the media immediately when he loses his job. First off, it’s not like Girardi’s desperate for work. Joe could’ve easily landed a managerial gig if he wanted to go through with it. He just chose to take it easy. Obviously Girardi is not the same person on TV as he is as a manager. Is that supposed to be a surprise? What coach is the same personality they are on TV that they are in their usual setting? No one. And it’s not like Girardi was Greg Popovich or Bill Belichick when he answered questions. He was completely fine. Was he a crazy, out-going personality that lit up a room? No. But he wasn’t rude to the media, at least that’s not how I saw it.

Here’s Joe on MLB Network yesterday talking about Todd Frazier

And of course the Binder!

I love tuning into MLB Tonight after of course I watch Starting Nine during the Summer. Their live look-ins and analysis are unbeatable and I think Joe will be a good addition to the squad.

Do people actually like Michael Kay on the radio and in the booth? I think Paul O’Neil is easily the most likeable guy in the booth. Anytime he’s not on I could care less about the commentating.