Tony Romo Will Play In A PGA Tour Event Next Month And People Are Obviously Bitching About It

So Tony Romo will play the PGA Tour’s Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship in the Dominican Republic next month. Really rolls off the tongue. This thing is opposite the WGC Match Play. No it’s clearly not the Masters but it’s still a PGA Tour event with PGA Tour pros.

Romo played the US Open qualifier last year; he missed advancing to sectionals by 6 strokes. He also played in the Western Am (one of the top amateur tourneys in the country), shooting 80-82 to miss the cut. He carries a scratch handicap — we’ll get a good look at his game at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this week.

He plays a ton of golf with Jordan Spieth in Dallas. Romo said this of their rounds together:

“I’ll badger him with questions throughout his entire round and then make him wait for me as we hit three more balls to get it right. So, his longest rounds are definitely when he plays with me, because I make him sit out there all day.”

Spieth then said this both of Romo’s game and of his expectations of how Romo will do this week:

“His short game is fantastic . . . I have no doubt he’ll shoot under par every round out here, from where they’re playing from. I know he’s really excited for the challenge, and he wants to beat the pros that are in his group. That’s kind of his goal. He thinks he can win this golf tournament if he played it with us.”

You can love or hate Romo but it’s just simply intriguing to see how he does. It’s intriguing to see how world class athletes can or cannot translate to playing competitive golf.

As is tradition, folks are bitching all about this, saying Romo’s “stealing” a spot from a more deserving player.

To that I will repost exactly what I wrote about Steph Curry getting a sponsor exemption to a Tour event last summer.

Steph Curry is receiving a sponsor’s exemption to play in this event. The event does not exist without the sponsors; they pay TONS of money with the intention of getting, in return, the attention and spotlight necessary to justify that spending. It’s a business. You know what businesses do to survive and thrive? Make good business decisions. You know what’s a good business decision? Landing a superstar athlete to play in your event.

Oh, one golfer will now miss out on a sponsor’s exemption? One golfer who didn’t earn the spot in the event on his own? You’re crying for this person? Do you not understand how the world works?

If said golfer were better he’d be in the tourney already. He knows that. You know that. Everybody knows that. Steph getting in is net >>>> than just about anyone else getting in and that’s a fact.

It’s pretty simple. Now, if Romo’s out there predicting in commentator form exactly how every shot will pan out before the shot, I may form a different opinion.

But for now, this is a no-brainer good call from the Tour, the sponsor, the event, and Tony Romo.