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A Malice in the Palace Style Brawl With Fans and Players Broke Out at a Pittsburgh High School Basketball Game

Pretty wild stuff out of Pittsburgh. Four minutes left in ball game that still could’ve went either way and all of a sudden we’ve got the Pistons and Pacers, Xavier and Cincy going at it with fans in the blink of an eye. Little children running around while their dads are fighting high school kids. Surreal shit. Cops pepper spraying everybody trying to get some semblance of control in the gym. You think it’s over and then it just keeps going. I don’t see one adult trying to hold people back or trying to stop the fighting. Almost everyone is instigating or being a bystander which is just wild because this is high school. Just a lot of large angry men who if they wanna fight someone, no one is going to stop them.

Shit like this never happened at my high school, mainly because we were terrible at basketball and usually just got our asses kicked.

TBT to the Malice in the Palace. One of the craziest events I’ve ever watched on live television.