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Steve Aoki Decided To Become The First DJ To Do A Set In Zero Gravity/Outer Space

Source - Steve became the first DJ Thursday to spin a set in zero gravity. He did it on planet Earth though, aboard a special converted A310 aircraft which took off from Frankfurt, Germany.

Aoki’s flight lasted 90 minutes, and he and 20 other lucky partygoers experienced a total of about 25 minutes of weightlessness, which judging by the footage Aoki shared on Instagram looked way more fun than clubbing with two feet on a dance floor.

Does anyone have a better life than DJs? Seriously, Steve Aoki is forty years old, has 55 MILLION dollars in the bank and this is what he’s doing for fun. I thought he fell off the face of the earth after he did that remix with Kid Cudi in 2009:

Which for the record, was the only song played at UMass house parties from 2007-2011. That and MGMT’s “Kids”. I’ve never been much of a techno guy but both of those songs banged.

Apparently, Steve has pumped out so many bangers since then that he has the means to make a video like this. The thing that fascinates me most about it is the fact that it actually happened. Like, Steve was sitting on his couch, probably high, and floated the idea of putting on a concert in space and then made it happen. The amount of moving parts it takes to put on a production like this blows my mind. Someone had to call Germany, see if they can rent a plane, find pilots, get the DJ equipment over there, figure out how to strap it down, figure out how to power it, figure out how to light it, find someone to insure it, get the Guinness Book of World Records involved, negotiate costs, and make sure everyone in the crowd wouldn’t die as a result of all of this.

You hear a lot of parents stress the importance of getting their kids involved in coding and STEM programs, but that won’t be me. My kid will have a set of turn tables and a black light. Call me a bad parent if you want but it’s the quickest way to get your kid into space, which is every child’s dream. So congrats to Steve and thank you for showing kids that if they party hard enough, they can do anything they want.

PS: I know that this isn’t actual outer space but it’s zero gravity, so it’s basically the same thing.