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David Spade Had The Best Possible Tweet About Donald Trump's Hair

There were a lot of takes about Donald Trump’s hair yesterday. It was the talk of the internet and rightfully so. One of the crazier videos to surface in some time. Sure Trump’s hair has long been a topic of conversation but I mean what the FUCK was going on there? His hair or whatever was hanging on by a thread. And how has that not happened before? We’ve watched Donnie Trumps board plenty of aircrafts and his hair It’s a miracle his hair doesn’t do that every time he boards a helicopter. I don’t know the physics of it but shouldn’t the hair fly around like crazy every time he gets on a chopper.  No matter how you slice it, not a great look for the most powerful man in the world.

Anyway. My man David Spade had the best joke of them all. Hands down. I couldn’t have smiled any wider when I saw his tweet last night. He threw it all the way back to Tommy Boy (which just so happens to be my favorite movie ever) and it’s the perfect scene. It’s the perfect scene. Tommy and Richard walking through Zalinksy’s factory and boom his toupee gets blown the fuck back. Trump’s hair and Spade’s hair in that scene look almost identical. What a great movie. What a great scene. RIP Chris Farley.