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Gisele Feels Compelled to Explain the Way She Mothers Her Kids

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So this is where we are at now. A mother feeling compelled to explain the words she used to console her crying children after they watched their father lose a heartbreaking game. Why would she feel even the slightest need to Giselesplain herself to the world? Because of shit like this:

Or this, from Karol Markovitz on Fox News:

The idea that Tom Brady or the Patriots ‘let’ the Eagles win the Super Bowl is ridiculous, of course, and Bündchen shouldn’t be peddling that to kids. It teaches them to expect that winning is something that other people will sometimes grant them, instead of something they earn on their own. It’s a lesson their father doesn’t demonstrate on the field at all.

Jesus H. This is what it’s come to. The Patriots Derangement Syndrome is so pervasive that now blue check-marked dickheads across the country get to weigh in on how the Brady Bundchens raise their kids. Eagles fans are climbing greasy utility poles, looting stores and eating horseshit off the pavement. But let’s get hot takes from “parenting experts” on how Brady “ties affection in with getting what he wants” and have media clowns lecture a mother on how to teach her kids about the way competitive sports work.

This is just another reason why people who like the Patriots are the way we are. Try for a second to imagine any other celebrity couple taking heat like this over how they speak to their kids. Picture editorials being written about something Beyonce’ and Jay-Z said to Blue Ivy. Or experts breaking down film of Peyton Manning kissing Marshall Manning. Or God forbid someone weighing in with criticism of the Obamas when their daughters were growing up in the public eye. You can’t. It’s unthinkable.

If there’s a mistake the  have made this week, it’s Brady dropping that pass and Gisele dropping this Tweet. Being a mother means you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, ever. Not even to the kids’ father. Not to their grandparents. Not to the kids themselves. And not by a damned sight does a mom who also happens to be the World’s Most Successful Self-Made Woman have to explain herself to Trey Wingo and Fox News nobodies. Next time she should just go pure mother bear and rip the throats out of anyone who dares come near her cubs. And explain nothing.