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Pretty Standard Situation Where A Cow Got Loose And Started Eating Mail

So this happened in Iowa. You might’ve been able to guess that but I wanted to be sure you knew. Throughout my Barstool career I’ve tried to open the eyes and the minds of people across our great nation. I’ve tried to show them that my home state of Iowa is much more than just farm land and farm animals and corn (minus the multiple occasions where I’ve run around in various videos dressed as a giant ear of corn, sometimes you gotta lean in). Iowa is a lovely place with lots of offer. I personally didn’t grow up on a farm so I know there’s more to Iowa life than what is portrayed in pop culture.

But every once in awhile very stereotypical things are bound to happen. That’s how it goes. That’s why stereotypes are stereotypes. Iowa is a land of farms and lots of animals so occasionally we’re gonna get some whacky fair animal stories. Such as, oh I don’t know, a cow getting loose and causing havoc. Maybe the cow gets loose and eats the mail. That’s a sentence and a problem that can only happen in a handful of states. Iowa is most certainly one of them. These things happen.