The New York Yankees Don't Need Publicity Stunts Like Trading For NFL QB Russell Wilson

Why? Why the fuck did the New York Yankees just trade for NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson? This is something the Padres, the Rangers, or the Mets do because their Spring Trainings aren’t interesting enough for normal baseball activities. Of all the QBs too you had to pick my mortal enemy? I cannot stand Russell Wilson. For starters he plays for the Seattle Seahawks who might be the most hate-able NFL franchise there is (minus the Pats I guess but I really don’t care about them). He is also a crazy person that thinks drinking miracle water can cure concussions and the Super Bowl interception was God’s plan.

“The play happens, I take three steps, and God says to me, ‘I’m using you.’ My sixth step, God says to me, ‘I want to see how you respond, but more importantly I want [the world] to see how you respond.’?”

Stay away from my players, Russell Wilson!


Here’s what I want in Spring Training. I want Gleyber Torres to get as much work in as possible at second base (Russell Wilson’s position). I want Miguel Andujar to show what he’s got. I wanna see Gary Sanchez improve on catching the baseball. I wanna see Judge and Stanton put balls on the moon. I want Greg Bird not get hurt. I want all of our young pitchers to showcase their stuff. I don’t give a fuck about Russell Wilson fulfilling his dream of playing for the New York Yankees. I don’t want Aaron Judge running fly routes for Wilson to make some cool video because Judge was a receiver in high school.

Go play in Port St. Lucie with Timmy Tebow. I’m sure this all means the world to Russell Wilson but I don’t care. I want championships I want to focus on number 28. Maybe I’m being a bit of a hardo here but I really hate all of this. This isn’t something the Yankees stoop down to. I don’t like it one bit.

P.S. Anyone that thinks I’m scared of him pulling a Tebow and trying to crack the roster is insane. That’s obviously not what this is. I just don’t like Russell Wilson at all and think this is a publicity stunt similar to what a shit team would pull to get attention. I don’t want him speaking to the team. He’s just gonna tell them if you strikeout with the game on the line it was God’s plan.