Jason Day Says Barstool Sports Is Good For Golf Because We Are "Absolutely Stupid But Quite Amusing And Funny"

Hey Jason, spot on!

“Barstool Sports, absolutely stupid but quite amusing and funny” is, in my honest opinion, the most accurate and concise description of what we do here that I’ve ever heard. It’s a ringing endorsement. You can say whatever the hell you want to say about us but the only thing you need to know is that Jason Day, at his Pebble Beach press conference in a room full of golf reports, couldn’t keep even close to a straight face as you saw the word “Barstool” materialize in his brain. It was such a guilty, childish little laugh. But he just couldn’t help it. He got all giggly and happy just thinking about it. Like when your buddy slips on ice or some drunk college kid draws a huge dick and balls in the snow during first snowfall. It’s so unbelievably stupid but god damn is it funny. Funny’s funny. You don’t choose what you laugh at and J-Day fully understands that.

We are no longer: “for the common man, by the common man.”

We are now: “absolutely stupid, but quite amusing and funny.”

PS — Hey PGA TOUR, important to note. Jason Day literally said, “stuff like [Barstool] is what we need to attract people to the game of golf.”