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Shout Out To Pedro Martinez For Once Again Working Out With Luis Severino in the Offseason

Thanks Pedro! As you may recall, last offseason Luis Severino and Pedro Martinez spent some time together in the Dominican Republic. Pedro advised Sevy to make some mechanical changes to his motion and according to the Yankees’ ace, that did the trick.

“I think that was the change that I did for this season,” Severino said, referring to his offseason workouts with Martinez. “He told me that if I change my mechanics a little bit, I’ll be more consistent in my strike zone. That’s what I did, that’s how that worked out and helped me.” -NYDN

Those changes caused Severino to lower his 2016 ERA by almost three full runs. He posted a 2.98 ERA last season with 230 strikeouts over 193.1 innings. He was by far the Yankees best pitcher on the staff during the regular season as he tapped into the potential that was always there. Pedro Martinez tapped into that potential and he’s up to his old tricks again it seems.

How much better can he get? Obviously Sevy focussed on getting stronger and building more arm strength this offseason as he takes on a big time workload in 2018, where he looks to exceed 200 innings for the first time. In terms of his stuff, his changeup could certainly use a bit of work and I have a feeling Pedro worked on that very pitch in the DR. If Sevy can master that pitch, good luck Major League Baseball. Remember how filthy Pedro’s used to be? It was a joke.

It’s pretty wild how Pedro is helping out the Evil Empire’s ace. I’d be livid if I were a Sox fan. But coming from the beneficial side of things, I love it. Imagine if Tom Brady retired and then helped train the Jets QB of the future? That’s sorta what this is like and I love it. Just old phenoms helping out young budding stars. Thanks Pedro!

Six days til Spring Training begins.

P.S. I’m personally entertained by the Red Sox pursuit of JD Martinez and Carrabis now flipping his opinion of him in the blink of an eye saying he doesn’t want him anymore. Can’t wait for Dombrowski to give him $200 million.