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New Colts GM Says The Rivalry With The Pats Is Back On. Wait What?

I got to tell you. This Josh McDaniels thing is just what the doctor ordered.  Because I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty depressed with the way the Superbowl ended. I couldn’t watch TV. I couldn’t sleep. Just yesterday I lost my keys on the way back from Minnesota. I lost 10 grand in cash in Minnesota. And we lost the superbowl. Everything was falling apart. #RoneCurse.  Then this happened. Josh McDaniels dunking all over the Colts. Indy sports writers crying like babies. The Colts franchise made a mockery of yet again by the Pats. And now we get this press conference. Thee Colts new GM saying “the rivalry is back on”.   BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Cue the emoji.


The rivalry is back on? What fucking rivalry?  The Colts are the worst fucking team in the league.  They are an absolute joke.  The only thing they do is get their asses kicked and then whine about it.   The Patriots are in the Superbowl every single year.   The rivalry is back on?  This isn’t a rivalry.  This is one team that takes another team, bends them over their knee and spanks them until they apologize.   We embarrass them on the field, off the field, on camera, off camera, everyday all day.  That’s what we do to the Colts and this Josh McDaniels thing may be the most emasculating of them all.  Just making the Colts look like absolute buffoons.   It’s just what I needed to get me back on track.  Thank God for the Colts.