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Drake Dropped $50,000 On Groceries For Unsuspecting Shoppers In Miami

MTV- Drake surprised customers in a supermarket in Miami, Florida on Tuesday (06Feb18) by announcing he was going to buy all of their shopping for them. The Hotline Bling rapper entered the Sabor Tropical Supermarket on Tuesday afternoon with a film crew and used a megaphone to announce that he would be paying for everybody’s shopping. According to The Blast, there were 60 shoppers inside at the time and one customer’s bill came to $754 (£542), while E! News estimated that the charitable offer cost Drake around $50,000 (£36,000). “No one knew he was coming at all, we just came to do groceries,” customer Guille Deza told the entertainment news programme. “Cameras were being set up so we were all wondering what was to happen. “He took photos with everyone who asked and shook hands. He helped people find what they were looking for and encouraged all… to buy everything they want and to fill their carts.” Deza said the singer was extremely “nice” and gave him a firm handshake. There was also a rumour going around the store that it was part of his upcoming God’s Plan music video.

Drake is just throwing money around these days! Come to New York! Throw thousands of dollars at me! Buy my groceries! Take on a sizable chunk of my student loan debt! Please! I’m begging you!

By the way, if you’re a super famous and super rich person and you’re not doing things like this, you’re doing it wrong. It’s such a smart move for a few reasons. Drake knows what he’s doing. Yes, it’s incredibly generous of him to show to a grocery store and drop $50,000 on unsuspecting shoppers. It’s genuinely a good thing. But it also makes Drake look awesome. The optics on buying groceries for a bunch of people couldn’t be any better for him. He could end up murdering someone down the line and these people in Miami would still be like, “Okay yeah but remember that time he paid for our eggs, bread and milk? That was really cool of him.” I’m not saying there’s an ulterior motive to Drake generosity but there’s partially an ulterior motive to Drake’s generosity. It’s no different than Frank Lucas giving out turkeys before Thanksgiving.

Not to mention it’s a drop in the bucket for Aubrey. He has a net worth that hovers around 100 million dollars. He could do this a hundred times and it wouldn’t come close to hurting him financially. So it’s a no brainer. Shower the public in goodwill and that goodwill will be returned to you tenfold.