A Lady Almost Drowned In A Ball Pit Except That's Not Possible So She Didn't

Daily Mail- An agitated mother was filmed as she and her son nearly ‘drowned’ in a giant children’s ball pit. Vivien Low was seen panicking and waving in desperation as she struggled to keep her arm above the ball line in the footage. She had fallen in with her four-year-old son Riley when she lost her balance near the blue ball pit. The 5ft 6in mother wrote on Facebook that she had lost her balance and could not stand up. She added: ‘I tried to find the net so I could grip it, I couldn’t,’ she continued. ‘My son was stuck inside too. ‘I panicked and waved and screamed for help. None came. I seriously panicked and did not know what to do.’

I laughed out loud at this and I probably shouldn’t have. A lady freaking out and posting on Facebook about her traumatic experience……….inside a ball pit. Writing about how she almost drowned and her life flashed before her eyes. Calm down, lady. The fact that we’re throwing around the words “drowning” and “ball pit” in the same story is hilarious. You can’t drown in a ball pit. You just can’t. Drowning is when water fills yours lungs and you die. This lady was stuck. Stuck and drowning are two very different things. One kills you and people cry and you’re dead forever. The other leaves you inconvenienced for a few minutes until you get some help and then you go back to living your normal life. Pretty big difference imo.

The video is equally great. She was FREAKING OUT in there. Waving her arms around and screaming like someone stranded on a desert island. Again, I shouldn’t be laughing at that, but I did. I laughed loudly. You can’t drown in a ball pit! The guy taking the video is clearly thinking, “She knows she’s in a ball pit, right? She’s gonna be fine. She didn’t get swept away by the current. She’s standing in a ball pit that’s just a smudge deeper than she is tall. Everything’s gonna be more than fine so I’m gonna keep on filming.”