Goldberg Doesn't Give Two Shits About Kylie Jenner's Kid

Fuck yeah Bill! Way to stick it to the man/mainstream media while also staying family friendly and not cursing. News for who??? Nobody, not even young Stormi, is above eating a spear and a jackhammer. She’ll be next if she doesn’t watch it and stay out of the god damn news.

If you haven’t seen Goldberg’s WWE 24 documentary, I’d highly recommend it. I just watched it recently myself while I’m dealing with this flu. It follows his journey from returning in 2016, all the way through having a final WrestleMania match this past April, and it’s one of the most honest and real productions the company has ever put out. He talks about his doubts about being able to get back into shape, the expectations the fans will have for him, whether the fans will like him or not, why he’s doing this, how he plans to make amends with sports entertainment, et cetera, et cetera, and there’s a few moments involving his family that’ll make even someone with no heart choke up. Basically, by the end of it, you’ll want Goldberg to adopt you. And I want Goldberg to adopt me.