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Narc Girl Scout Council Trying To Find Out If Hero Girl Scout Broke Rules By Selling Cookies Near Marijuana Dispensary


SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Girl Scout council is looking into whether a scout who was photographed selling cookies outside a marijuana dispensary broke any rules.

Officials were trying to identify the girl and talk to her family because she was in a commercial area, which is not allowed, council spokeswoman Mary Doyle said in an email Monday.

Urbn Leaf posted a photograph of the girl Friday outside the shop that sells medical and recreational marijuana and invited customers on its Instagram account to come get some Girl Scout cookies.

Let me clear something up before we begin. I don’t do the weed because that’s a sin. If I did, my friends, I would enjoy some cookies. What type of cookies? Oh. I dunno.

Thin Mints.
Savanah Smiles (my personal fav)
Toffee Tastic.

When it comes to Girl Scout Cookie sellin, one thing is paramount. No, it’s not safety. Safety is always paramount so that was implied. I’m talkin Location, Location, Location. If you wanna sell, you gotta be where they are buyin. If they are buying for after they do some pot, you gotta sell there. If the Girl Scouts were really training the future leaders of business, they would focus on holes in the market. Instead, they act like some little tattletale marks and try to get our Boss Bitches in trouble. Give her a patch and hearty congratulations. No need for the investigation. You stink, Girl Scouts, and it’s probably because jealousy is a stinky perfume.