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Derek Jeter Is Looking Rough These Days

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.33.11 PM

Damn, Jeets. Being in the crosshairs of the dozens and dozens of angry Marlins fans has really done a number on you, pal. I know owning a team is hard. I know it is. I can’t say that from personal experience, but I know it’s hard just from watching your life over the last three months or so. You played it off cool, but I KNEW that the Marlins Town Hall meeting that you held back in December cut you deep. Psychological scars that only you can see when you look at yourself in the mirror. I mean, it was cut after cut after cut after cut.

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You’ve got Marlins Man lobbing bombs, saying that he hasn’t renewed his season tickets, that Jeter’s group makes him miss Jeff Loria, who was one of the worst owners in all of pro sports, and even went as far as to calling the major league club that Jeter just bought a “Triple-A team.” Christ. The man has a family.

Then you’ve got fans shouting over neglected emails, fans yelling at Jeter over the broadcast team, fans roasting Jeter over the Marlins having no power hitters anymore, fans guilting Jeter with their impending death, and Marlins fans just straight up crying in front of his face. That’ll drive any man to put on a wig and start drinking his face off. Sad to see, really.