Actually, Robert California Was Really Good On The Office

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen an uptick in the Robert California slander. I dont like it. I dont like it one bit. I think that slandering Robert California and calling him things like, “loser. terrible. awful character” are so far beyond reality that he needs a defender. I’m ready to step into that role for just a minute.

You see, the problem with Robert California isn’t the character himself. It’s a great character. From the way that he furrows his lips to the choppy, exaggerated style of his speech, he’s good. I enjoy it. He makes me laugh. The problem with Robert California is that knowingly or not, we compare him to Michael Scott. That’s not fair or right.

I think that after Michael left Dunder Mifflin, we needed to start viewing the show as a new series. It was a whole new thing. If we do that, Robert California is great. If not, you have a bad and wrong opinion of Mr. California and I aint talkin Arnold, folks.

Sadly, youtube has removed most of The Office clips. If they hadn’t, I would show you the scene where Andy tosses and squirms over Robert’s either desire or non-desire for Andy to hire Robert’s wife. Andy’s faces are beyond classic. Robert’s veiled words and phrasings make the scene absolutely perfect. When Robert California slaps the table and screams, “LIAR” I scream laugh every.single.time.

Here’s the rub, folks. When you’re working your way through the office again, take 3 weeks between the Michael Scott episodes and Robert California episodes. Give yourself a clean break. Take in Robert California without Michael Scott in your mind… If you do, I think that you’ll see that Robert California is actually good.