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People Saying I Should've Woken This Dude Up This Morning Are Outta Their Minds

So I was headed into work today when I stumbled upon what you see in the picture above. Just a dude on a PACKED train laying down like he’s on a California king. An unreal move that I hadn’t seen yet in my year plus of living in New York City. I don’t know if this is a common occurrence or not but I was baffled when I saw it. I wasn’t even mad. I actually respect it. Everyone else did too. No one did a thing. I exchanged glances with a couple other passengers and we just shrugged and chuckled a bit. What can ya do? Kinda legendary to just sprawl out during rush hour on a week day.

So I snapped a picture cause I judge my self worth on Twitter likes and RTs and kept it moving. Then a bunch of crazies came at me on Twitter saying I should’ve woken the dude up

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.13.43 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.14.10 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.14.27 PM

Are you fucking crazy? Honestly. Are those people fucking crazy? They must be. Cause I may be relatively new around here but even I know not to wake up a homeless dude going through a REM cycle on the subway. That’s how you end up dead. That’s how you end up with an unfortunate bodily fluid on you. That’s how you end up with a shank in your neck. Unpopular opinion but being alive is pretty dope. I like it here. I’m not trying to throw hands at 9 in the morning. I’ve got two working legs (#gang). There’s no reason for me to wake a crazy person just so I can have some relief for three stops. Better to let sleeping homeless people lie. Also, on a more general level, nobody should ever wake anyone up from a nap. Everyone should respect naps. No matter where they’re being taken.