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Kid Chugs A Bottle Of Fireball, And Finally, We Get To See What Happens Next

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 11.32.02 AM

This year I have been documenting how college students have taken the drinking game and flipped it on it’s head. It’s no longer sit on the floor and play Kings Cup, have a nice laugh, and then go out for the night. If you aren’t chugging full bottles and free basing black tar before a night out, you’re barely even in college these days.

These are good and all, but we never see the “after”. What happens after the guy chugs the bottle and then shot guns the Redbull? How many straight hours is he puking up stomach bile and swearing he’s never drinking again and apologizing for things he did 10 years ago? Well, for the first time we have an after video, and yep, it’s exactly what you’d expect:

Not great! Dude had a half of a bottle of Fireball and then morphed into Tommy Pickles

I could get used to seeing more “after” videos. Makes me feel like less of an asshole for not being able to drink like the kids do these days.