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41 Year Old Vince Carter Is Still A Better Dunker Than 99.99999% Of The World

I mean…what?

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.32.31 AM

The world is a confusing place. Cars can drive themselves. Manual, blue collar jobs are constantly being replaced by robots who can do it better, cheaper, and faster. The Eagles won a Super Bowl against Tom Brady and the Patriots. But there is one constant— Vince Carter is still one of the best dunkers on the planet.


In this world, we need a constant. Something to remind us that as the world keeps spinning, changing, and evolving, that we are still on planet Earth and things will be ok. That no matter who is president, how many nukes are being prepared to head our way, or the fact the god damn Eagles just won the Super bowl against Tom Brady, your friends and family still love you. And that constant is Vince Carter dunking.

For my money he’s the best dunker there is, there ever was, and that ever will be.

So shout out to Vince Carter, the GOAT dunker. When he stops dunking, that’s when we’re all in big, big trouble.



PS: Please take notice of those flash bulbs in the stands during those dunks. We NEED NEED NEED to bring back cameras. Watching old clips where a million flashbulbs go off makes every moment so much cooler.