Hold Up Wait A Minute, Y'all Thought I Was Finished: Dreams And Nightmares Dominated Last Night

The Eagles were in control before the Eagles received the opening kick off on Sunday, and it felt that way from the second they were introduced. This is the most badass way to enter the stadium possible. The Eagles came out with a song that actually embodies the city and resonates with the streets, while the Patriots came out to some 90’s feeling stadium rock. It’s two different environments altogether.

The entire stadium was rocking to it, including the Patriots fans.

It’s bad news when you start rocking out to the other team’s music.

After the game, it was another round of the same for the Eagles. By the time the locker room was going off like this, it was officially an anthem.

I couldn’t tell the magnitude of the song until we got to the streets. Cars at standstills in the streets blared the song. And not a couple cars. Every car we went up to was playing Dreams and Nightmares. Not every other car. Every car.

Throughout the city, they were bumping the song everywhere.

They served it up fresh and never frozen at Wendy’s.

It was going down on 12th and Pine.

This kid got busy on top of some adult’s car.

Philly cops were even on the #FreeMeek beat.

Has this Super Bowl win made Meek Mill the hottest rapper in the game? For this moment in time, at least in Philadelphia, it sure feels like it.