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Natalie Portman Followed Up "Natalie's Rap" With An Awesome Sequel On SNL This Weekend

I know Saturday Night Live isn’t for everyone anymore, and for the most part, I’ve reached the point of not caring for it much, but every now and then they hit us with a segment that breaks through the show and goes viral, and it’s usually for good reason. This is one of those times.

Natalie Portman returned to the show after twelve years this weekend and followed up one of the all time digital shorts, “Natalie’s Rap”, with a sequel for the ages. I think it’s actually better than the original. I may be biased towards everything this woman does because she was one of my first crushes ever (it was like her and Trish Stratus) and ‘Black Swan’ put me through puberty, but her deadpan delivery of every line in those sit-down interview segments killed me. Andy Samberg showing up in the viking hat was nostalgia fuel to the max, mostly of when SNL was must-watch stuff every week just to see what ‘The Lonely Island’ had in store, and of course, when they started talking Star Wars and she hit homeboy with a “SAY SOMETHIN’ BOUT THE MOTHAFUCKIN’ PREQUELS BITCH!”, I stood up on my god damn couch and yelled “YAAAAS QUEEEEEN!”, something I’d seen only in the mentions of Beyoncé tweets. It was just a visceral reaction, I didn’t even know people said that in real life. A+ segment outta SNL and Padmé this week. Rewatch the first “Natalie’s Rap” here: