Is Trump Running Out Of Adjectives?

For years now, Trump’s made us really look forward to new nicknames. Every time somebody comes at him, they’re getting one. They’re getting forever branded with some disparaging, elementary nickname inevitably involving a very simply adjective or two. These nicknames have never been complicated but always stick — Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Crooked Hillary. Simple yet catchy, they just work.

Perhaps my personal favorite includes some solid alliteration and an appallingly accurate description in just one word: Sloppy Steve.

President Donald Trump Makes Statement On Paris Climate Agreement

Another personal favorite: “1 for 38 Kasich.”

However, I have sad news — Trump may be running out of adjectives. He is calling the House Intel Committee’s lead Democrat, Adam Schiff, “Little Adam Schiff,” which of course we’ve seen in the form of Little Marco, Little Rocket Man, and “Liddle” Bob Corker.

Kind of a shocking phenomenon for a guy with the best words.

I’m hoping this is simply an outlier and not the new norm. Can’t handle Trump recycling nicknames. Pocahontas, Al Frankenstein, and Wacky Congresswoman Wilson are all timeless classics. Little Adam Schiff is not.

It’s post-Super Bowl Monday, one of the worst and toughest days of the year, so we’ll cut him a little slack. Might not hit his stride for another day or two, but anything beyond that and our concern meter’s going to start flashing.