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I Hope We One Day Find Out How Much Cris Collinsworth Had On The Patriots Last Night


I usually don’t pay much attention to broadcasters. When people are like “Bob Wischusen is ok but I prefer Dave Flemming a little bit more” I feel like I’m taking crazy pills for not knowing what the difference is. Pretty much everyone sounds the same to me, outside of a few. And one of those few is without a doubt ol’ Cris Collinsworth.

I don’t know if ol CC has ever been right about anything in his broadcasting life. And last night he was on a planet of his own. I went from my normal tuning out the broadcast to actively listening to every word he was saying…and everything he was saying made it seem like he had his wife, his car, his house, 5 million dollars, and his first born child on the Patriots. It was the most blatant I’ve ever heard to a national broadcaster straight up rooting against one team and for the other. And it seems a lotttt of other people noticed too:

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.04.04 AM Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.03.30 AM

I mean he spent a good 10 minutes trying to say the Ertz catch, run, and score wasn’t a catch.


And then at the end of the day, his Patriots lost. He must be devastated. I respect his hustle though. His was backed into a corner. He had a lot on the line. He’s probably telling his wife right now that they should sell the beach house “just because you know, we don’t spend very much time there, definitely not because I owe my bookie mid 7 figs”. His blatant rooting for the Pats almost made the Eagles winning worth it. Almost.