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V. Stiviano Does ABC News Interview, Is Officially The Worst Person Ever



 -I’m his confidante, his best friend, his silly rabbit

-Do you think Donald Sterling is racist?

-No, I don’t believe it in my heart.

-Why the visor?

-I’m hurting, I’m in pain, it hurts to see someone you care about hurting.


Holy fucking shit do I hate this chick. I’m not going to defend Donald Sterling for a second but you know who is the scum of the earth? The person that tapes their “best friend” saying racist shit, releases it to the public, then soaks up every last second of public attention she can get saying he’s not a racist and just misunderstood.


Oh and saying you didn’t release the tapes, that one of your friends did by accident or without your permission. Fuck off. If Donald Sterling is a racist scumbag you’re a slimeball weasel that is basically everything wrong with our Country.





An 80 year old fat billionaire calling this a “silly rabbit” makes me want to puke for the rest of my life.


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