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Gronk Gets Grilled About Retirement In Post-Game Press Conference

What a shitty set of questions to have to field after getting your heart ripped out of your chest and stomped out. After having this be the second Super Bowl where the last play of the game was a Hail Mary that you had no shot of ever catching but the ball still finds you just to hit the ground just to then get back to the locker room and have to sit through this looks like absolute hell.

Gronk was a monster tonight, as he is every Sunday: 9 receptions, 116 yards, two touchdowns, pretty much all in the second half, too. When he’s healthy, I’m not sure there’s a more dangerous weapon in football. In the red zone, at their own 20, in the run game, first down, fourth down, doesn’t matter. Now he’s sitting there after losing his second Super Bowl fielding questions about if that was the last game of his career or not.

If Gronk does want to hang it up, I wouldn’t blame him. Dude’s constantly dealing with some major injury because the only way to tackle him is essentially to shoot a ballistic missile at him from close range. Whether it’s concussions, a near crippling back injury, broken arm, collapsed ribs or whatever the fuck happened when Earl Thomas torpedoed his sternum last year, the guy has the biggest target on his back in the League. Plus, he’s already secured himself the spot as the greatest tight end to play the position. Him and Brady just tied Montana and Rice for the most post-season touchdown hookups in history. He has two rings. By all accounts he’s been smart with his money. It wouldn’t surprise me.

But man, having that be your last game EVER would be a tough pill for anyone to swallow for the rest of your life. I hope he comes back because he’s incredible to watch, but if he wants to protect his health longterm and call it a career, well, it’s been a hell of a ride.