Riggs And Trent Deep In The Trenches At Waste Management, Part 1

Rise and shine, it’s Waste Management Day! Myself and Trent flew ourselves out to the WMPO because we couldn’t just let this happen and not be deep in the trenches with our people. All we knew is we had to sprint to 16. Bad news- sprinting is hard. Good news- Gym Trent is here and is ready to run a marathon.


I can’t talk enough about how many people get here early. It’s a zoo.


Shoulda bet a trillion dollars on this happening:

I teared up.


Friendship is a beautiful thing:

We’re all in this together….well almost all of us….

Not today, junior.


We made it to 16 though. Sup?


Trent almost died along the way:


And then the 4 hour wait for the 1st golfer begins. Wait implies a negative connotation, which isn’t fair. Best “wait” ever:

Saturdays are for the flying burritos!

Just saving some for later. Old Waste Management trick.


Barstool: Very well represented here.

All in all, a pretty *my voice* WILD morning here. We’re filming everything we can with limited access because we are men of the people. But if you have an inside info or access, by all means hit me up.

Oh and…..