The Eagles Tried To Pick Up Shady McCoy This Offseason

BGN - Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News put out an interesting story on Thursday about how Howie Roseman fixed Chip Kelly’s mistakes to turn the Eagles into a Super Bowl contender.

Included in the story is this interesting nugget:

Roseman found the centerpiece of his team in Wentz, but there was one player that he couldn’t add: McCoy.

Kelly’s decision to trade McCoy to Buffalo for Alonso never made sense. Roseman tried to get McCoy back in a deal with Buffalo through back-channel intermediaries, according to sources. One of Philly’s off-the-books offers for McCoy, who has been a Pro Bowler in each of his three seasons with the Bills, was a package of players that included wide receiver Jordan Matthews, according to sources. Matthews ultimately was traded to the Bills for cornerback Ronald Darby last summer.

This is an exercise in imagination for Philadelphia fans, but why not? Our offense was a juggernaut this season, but LeSean McCoy would have added some nice seasoning to an already complete squad. Our offensive line has been the fulcrum of our attack, even with the loss of Peters, so McCoy would have clearly thrived.

On the other hand, our running back by committee attack worked well for us this year, as Blount, Ajayi, Clement and even Barner shined for us at different times. When defenses have to game plan for a slew of backs that can be used a handful of different ways, it detracts from their ability to hone in on just one threat. The Patriots themselves tend towards a diversely skilled backfield. Outside of the Seahawks, most of the recent Super Bowl champions have strayed away from the workhorse/feature back archetype.

Just for good measure though, some LeSean Eagles highlights. What a beast.