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It's Friday So It's Time For A Little Bra Chat: Let's Talk Bras

That tweet went super viral and people are thinking it’s super nasty to change out a bra. It’s not the stealing that’s the issue. It’s the leaving of the old bra that’s the problem. Many other ladies are sharing their stories as well.

Is this a thing that women do? A little grab and go with bras? I understand doing that. I know that bras can be expensive. They can range from 12 dollars to like 45 dollars for the most expensive. That’s some pricey stuff but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. Cant have your tits swinging in the wind like garrison flag. Flopping about like one of those crazy arms blow-up men in front of a used car lot. Looking like the flubber from the 1997 film Flubber staring Robin Williams. Rip to Robin.

The shocking part of this whole ordeal was that the women were acting like it was so gross. It got me thinking, are tits way more sweaty than I give them credit for? When I think tits, I dont think sweat. Most of the tits I’ve seen in real life are pretty dry. Arid even. But maybe they aren’t though. Maybe women are creating a wetland in their bras. Titties sweating like a lemonade glass on a hot day and the bra is a sieve keeping things under control. I dont know. It’s a confusing time to be a man. I’m learning more and more about the clitoris every day and now I have to study boob science too. It’s exhausting but it’s part of my job. Should bras be made out of a more breathable fabric? Is swamp tits an epidemic? So many questions.

I’ll keep you posted.