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Somebody Face-Swapped Michael Scott And Donald Trump For Some God Forsaken Reason

Me clicking on the link to that video and watching it

Nope. Disturbing, terrifying stuff. That’s more than enough internet for the day. The internet is supposed to be a place of joy with your occasion racist person or Russian bot on Twitter. I come here for enjoyment. It has to be enjoyable because otherwise why would I spend 20 hours a day on here? But then somebody up and does something that makes the internet a stupid stupid place. Don’t put Donald Trump’s face on Michael Scott. You animals. Michael Scott is imperfectly perfect. No one needs to do anything to him. Michael Scott should just exist. But now when I watch this scene where Michael rambles about absolutely nothing to David Wallace I’m gonna think about Trump? Bummer.

Regardless of your political leanings, I very much doubt you wanna think about anything while watching The Office. I zone out for hours on end when I flip on The Office. When I accidentally binge watch that show until 3am on a school night I just wanna think about those idiots in Scranton. Nothing else.