OddsShark Presents Glenny & The Bets


Another 1-2 showing last week like it’s no one’s business! College has NOT been my forte so far this season. That is gonna need to change after this week.

But for now we’re focused on one thing and one thing only- the Super Bowl. Yes, it is upon us in what’s gonna be a fascinating game in the gambling world. We’re working with quite a high total at 48.5 and the spread’s holding steady at 4.5 in favor of New England. I’m still in shock at these lines as I was expecting a total in the realm of 46 with a spread in the 5-6 range. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t work in Vegas, Huh?

Well we’re gonna make due with what I got. Let’s go get some W’s.

  • Patriots -4.5
    • As I previously mentioned I thought this line would be a tad higher, I mean how could it not be? It’s the Tom Brady against Nick Foles. I’m just calling it like I see it. I know the Patriots’ Super Bowls have historically ben close games, but we’re in the market for an outlier on Sunday. I’m thinking they’ll be up at least a touchdown heading into a fourth with more left in the tank. I’ll simply be praying there’s a bunch of points to at least make it enjoyable.
  • Super Bowl Over 48.5
    • I woke up today thinking the total was the 48. I got ready for work today thinking the total was 48. I got on the LIRR today thinking the total was 48. I did my trek from Penn Station to HQ today thinking the total was 48. I wrote the title of this blog today thinking the Total was 48? I then headed over to see what odds my friends at OddsShark are giving out and what’d ya know!?! The total went up a half point to 48.5 since I last checked. Fuck my life, fam. Yet when faced with adversity we persevere through it. So what the total raised a half point? Fuck it, I was probably gonna bet the double alternate over anyways.
  • Warriors at Kings Over 223
    • Alright it’s the Friday night of Super Bowl Weekend. One of the most fun weekends the year has to offer. Go out, grab yourself some cold ones, and enjoy the hell out of this late night pick while you Thank God for specific standard time.

Well that’s all for me this week, folks. As always you can find me on Twitter @glenny_balls for questions, comments, and concerns. Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all!