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Christian Blogger Says That Yoga Is A Pagan Ritual And A Path To Hell

Daily Wire- I, of course, would never call it an automatic pathway to Hell. But if “it’s not an automatic pathway to Hell” is the best justification you can construct for doing something, isn’t it best just to not do that thing? What is the point of trying to re-purpose pagan worship for the sake of getting a nice workout? What’s wrong with just using an elliptical machine? How is the Kingdom advanced, how is an individual’s actual spiritual fulfillment attained, by participating in a pagan ritual? We truly are asking the wrong questions. We’re looking to see how much we can get away with before it becomes explicitly dangerous to our souls.

I see a comparison here with something like a Ouija board or a horoscope. Yes, you can mess around with those things relatively innocently, not actually seeking to summon spirits or ascertain your future from the stars, but why? Is this a form of entertainment that Christians should seek out? What’s wrong with just playing Monopoly instead? Why mess around with it?

I don’t think you’ll automatically be possessed if you do yoga. I don’t think all yoga practitioners go to Hell. But neither do I see how a pagan ritual could ever help someone get to Heaven, and maybe that’s reason enough to leave it alone.

I’ve done yoga 2 or 3 times. I hate it. Everyone in there sucks. It’s like a room full of Los Angeles. They’re just awful, awful people. All that energy and spirituality mumbo-jumbo has them thinking they’re doing something good for the world. Sometimes you’ll spot them in a coffee shop after, with their mats rolled up under their arms and a look of self-importance smeared across their face. They end a lot of sentences with “the current state of our country” and “that’s why I stopped letting him buy his lunch at school.”

As such, I’m on board with this Matt Walsh guy. The guy is a good writer. His piece condemning yoga as a pagan ritual is researched and thoughtful. Do I agree with his reasoning? lol fuck outta here. Is he crazy? Without a doubt. But I absolutely think that the people who regularly do yoga are going to hell. It makes sense. You can’t spend that much time trying to sniff your own farts and remain in good standing with the powers that be.

Kumail disagrees:

Even the Church of Satan trolled him:

When the Church of Satan calls you a buffoon, you know you’ve struck a chord. But for my own personal reasons, I hope Matt is right. Hell is supposedly quite warm. Should be the perfect temperature to find your chakra.